Because of your generosity and commitment, the Hall for All project continues on a successful path. Your sacrificial gifts and prayers have brought us to near the half-way point in construction.  This summer we will open a beautiful new building that will serve our parish, and our many ministries and programs for many years to come.
We expect construction to be completed and the opening of the building in early July, the exact date will be updated as we get closer.  We acknowledge that our area needs the rain, but also that rain can present weather delays.
Your continued generosity and support is needed to complete the project.  Please continue to fulfill your pledges and commitments, so far the Hall Campaign has received pledges and gifts of nearly all of the $5.7 million to complete the project.  This is a considerable amount for a parish our size.  That accomplishment is one example of your dedication to our community, not for the bricks and mortar but for what you believe in and how you support our many ministries, programs and community.

 Construction Pictures